Nice isn’t always nice

Welcome to Nice, France.
Don’t leave anything in your car. Even the lit, guarded, parking garage the Hotel Suisse sends you to. We left extra luggage in the car in the back of the station wagon, covered as recommended, and returned to find the window broken out and the suitcases evacuated of their contents. What was missing? How many of us really take inventory (me hence forward). Plus we have been here all week and moving things from one suitcase to another. Instantly Neal noticed the bag of electronics was missing. HIs Garmin GPS watch, all our chargers, the JVL Flip speakers for the Nav Station computer, but his Aveda shampoo and conditioner?!?!? My Very Valuable Breaking Grounds coffee??? Bastards! We are making a list of things as re notice them gone, but CRAP, it makes me mad to be robbed. Violated. Also sure the workers (guards) at the garage are guilty. We went to the cat at 11 pm to get my running shoes out of the car- no one saw but for anyone watching the cameras. Police told us we should file a declaration but they couldn’t hear it for about 4 hours, so we skipped it. They couldn’t care less.

I’ll post more when I have more electricity.
Here is the fun thing about Nice- Rudy reunion!

Our mate from last year is recovering from back surgery, so he can’t sail with us yet, but he was ready to chase down the thieves in his body cast!!

Rome was funner, but Nice is really cool, aside from the Niçoise thieves!!

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