Symi, Greece

Symi June 1, 2

A nice couple we met walking to the Church of St. John the Theologian on Patmos told us that if we go into Symi harbor, beware the depth. They were told to go onto the customs dock and he ran aground!
So we wrote that down and promptly forgot it. Good thing we didn’t have to go on the customs dock! But while Symi harbor is one of the most beautiful harbors this side of Bonifaccio, surrounded by steep hillsides of pastel colored Italian style homes, it is very narrow. After mooring we could walk steps to the shops and cafés.





Boats’ anchors are all atop one another. As we anchored, the boat opposite was shouting and pointing to their anchor while the dockmaster, just kept waving us in yelling, “It’s a small harbor. It happens!” Sure enough while we were out jogging the next morning, the boat across left, and pulled up our anchor- all the way up. Like hooked anchors and two big free swinging boats. Yachting adventures mostly happen at the docks!



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2 Responses to Symi, Greece

  1. Laura Schafer says:

    Is Saint John the “theologian” supposed to be the same person as St. John the Baptist?

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