Mahón, Menorca

I feel a tiny bit bad that much of the data I post comes from wiki data, so here is a link about Mahón. There is just too much to summarize.
Read about it here:,_Minorca

This was our stopping place on our first Med adventure featuring ourselves as captains. Our plan was to go to Corsica. Walking around town I finally relented and said, “Ok, we can go to Tunisia, but if we get killed, I’ll never let you live it down.”
We bought a pilot book for North Africa, spent one day sightseeing, and sailed for Sardinia, the next stop en route to Tunisia (spelled- Not in the EU).


Mahon is very old city set in a 4 mile inlet. Excellent protection in the marinas, and in anchorages along the inlet. There are even floating docks, where you can tie up and dinghy in to town.


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