Mallorca hike Cúber Reservoir to Soller

Perhaps the most spectacular hike we did in Mallorca was from the Cuber Reservoir, below, to the town of Soller. We did this hike while Amante was in the Port de Soller marina, with Rudy watching the boat.

We walked from the Cuber Reservoir (30 Euro cab ride from taxi stand in Port de Soller) to Binaraix, to Fornalutx, to Soller. Amazing. The reservoir is naturally a meadow in a gorge that has been built to trap water with mountains all around it. A one mile walk alongside the water leads you to sheep grazing lands dotted with derelict olive trees, now and then olive orchards in terraces. We saw sheep that had just been shorn, still bloody, and a trailer full of lambs being taken off to fatten or to slaughter. We saw at Finca L’Ofre loads of sheep being herded into a pen, and what noise!! Like a Taylor Swift concert. The walk from there passes down the gorge into the valley that holds the other towns, just amazing stuff. Renewed olive terraces and some orange orchards, some orange orchards being replaced with vineyards, and always in the distance, the port, the lighthouse and the med. Total of 12 or so miles.

Part of the hike included the Ruta Seca.


We crossed through some sheep farms, and went through the dizzingly quaint town of Fornalutz. This was 6 hours of complete bliss.

house in Fornalutz


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