Waiting out the wind in Teulada

The wind died about 4 a.m like it suffered a stroke. It had been howling for 3 days straight, then nothing. Sudden silence. The quiet woke me up. The heat soon sat down on our little village and we went to town to buy SIMM cards.

I took one out of a data stick, and showed the man that’s what I wanted. The sweet little man was so kind with our lack of Italian, he called a friend or relative to talk to us to decide what we wanted then spent 1.5 hours on the phone with service to make it work.They would’t work because we had American Passports. I left behind the SIMM card from the old data stick that was dead and unusable, so I didn’t worry about it. While waiting I looked up the translation of “copper ribbon for electrical ground” in italian and showed to to the nice man. He said no.
When we returned our rental car afterwards, the shop was locked tight though we could see the employee inside ignoring my phone calls. Later we went back to return it to the manager, Giancarlo, and we took our empty can of cooking gas. After paying out 75Euros a day for the car (I remarked that is was very expensive, and he explained that Italy has the highest paid man in the world for a president and everyone has to chip in on his salary), he asked his employee to take us to the store to buy the cooking gas. It seemed a well fitted store, so I asked if we had the copped ribbon to ground the SSB better. The driver translated for us and he and they didn’t have it. The driver knew another place to try, so he took us there. The driver and guy at the shop tore up the back room bringing us one gage round copper wire after another unit we gave up. The driver knew one more place to try. He motioned for us to stay in and he would run inside and ask, and before we could cluck “we’ve already tried this store” he ran inside the store when we bought our SIMM chips. He returned a minuted later and handed me the SIMM card I left inside earlier. Same 2 Americans with a sailboat buying up the town. SIMM cards, UHT milk, onions!
Home (boat) now, making two or three dinners to freeze for delivery to Tunisia.


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