Short day in London



Happened to have a long layover en route to Greece so I took the train to London and landed in the middle of “Refugee Protester” day. After stumbling in a full blown claustrophobic fit from alleyway to book store to garden to Birdcage walk trying desperately to get a 3 foot circle of my own space- I made it to Covet Gardens!

I sat next to these cool girl Londoners and was able to be the “Handy American” providing all the names of actors, lines from movies, authors of books and names of cities in Texas (and what bangs are!!).

Made it to Westminster bridge for some sundown shots with 50 million other photo snapping tourists. So glad V for Vendetta was kind enough to leave this building intact.

Note on Protests- normal people don’t protest. You will primarily only see one side represented. NORMAL people spend saturday having a barbecue with their friends, not marching. GROW UP, PEOPLE!! DO we really want to move toward MOB based politics? Plus, IT FREAKS ME OUT to get pushed and shoved by humans filling streets like cattle. Consider the Claustrophobe!!!

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