Montenegro has a history that is so complicated that my only hope is to point you here:

Suffice it to say that nearly every civilization since before there was civilization has been through these beautiful mountains, leaving marks on architecture (and doubtless the culture) that have been destroyed by subsequent civilizations and restored by newer ones. Since splitting from communist Yugoslavia, Montenegro went through a pretty awful period, helping Serbia bomb Dubrovnik and then capture, torture and kill Bosnian refugees, but these days, everybody seems really nice, and bent on establishing high end tourism. The largest client base is zillionaire Russians, who fly private jets into Tivat, and pick up their Mega-yachts to go play in the Med.

We entered the giant Gulf of Kotor in clear, still waters ringed by dramatic mountains. We checked in to the tony Porto Montenegro marina at Tivat.

We had two beautiful days in Montenegro before getting trapped by weather. The first day we checked in, and got all our proof of leaving the EU paperwork done, and walked around the Porto Montenegro complex, shopped ate, walked the Riva of Tivat. The mega complex at Porto Montenegro is stunning. They have made a giant marina on the remains of an old naval complex, adding condominiums, shops, restaurants. The small town of Tivat seems to empty into port for the paseo or passegiata, the biggest danger being kids on bicycles zooming between wobbly legged sailors. It warranted a one day, one night visit, but that’s about all it needs. WE decided to take Amante into the bay of Kotor, with its famous church islands:

We sent one night in Kotor harbor, climbed the city walls to the fortress, and looked down on tiny Amante, next to the cruise ship in the harbor.

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  1. Bea and Wayne says:

    thank you for the beautiful pictures. You and Neal look good, and Happy!!! So glad to get all your posts.

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