Buddy Boating in Mykonos

Just after leaving Athens,



weather from the south led us to Mykonos, to a bay that rents wind surfing equipment- a bay that in normal, prevailing northerlies conditions is untenable as an anchorage. Our sailing mentors Mary and Larry on Berkeley East were also there, so INSTANT HYLAS RENDESVOUS!! Although they were headed south and we are headed east, thr weather, who always wins, suggested Mykonos for a few days.

What fun! We got to visit with friends, swap stories and restaurant recommendations, go out for dinner and get photographed by Larry’s new drone.
All without altering course or picking up guests from an airport!! Buddy boating rocks!!

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1 Response to Buddy Boating in Mykonos

  1. Bea says:

    I am so glad you guys are having so much fun!!

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