Methoni, Peloponnese, Greece

Another favorite anchorage was under the watchful tower of Methoni, which is a UNESCO site. Venice began construction on the fort and the tower was added later by the Turks, after their conquest of Methoni. Methoni and Koroni, two fortified towns on the southeastern side of the PP were once called the two eyes of Venice. Their forts overlook the harbors, and the impressive fortresses inspired this nickname. I continue to be surprised by how far the Venetian Republic reached. I guess they knew a thing or two about boats.


Inside the fortified city, a church still stands and restorations are being made to the walls and other structures.


The fort and ancient city glow beautifully against the setting sun, and the little beach town beneath it was excellent: people playing on the beach, nice taverns, and friendly people. Methoni had a couple of hotels and lots of holiday rentals as a beach town for mostly Greek tourists might. I would have liked to spend a few more days here, but weather pushed towards shelter in Kalamata.

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