Updated!! The Great Wall of Croatia- Ston

We anchored near Ston, and took the dinghy in to see the Ston Saltworks, a salt collection that still operates today the way it has since Medieval time. Ston connects the Pelješik peninsula to the mainland, so a wall was built to protect the peninsula. We hiked the 1.5 kilometers in the hottest day we have had since July. On the other side, in Mali Ston, there are exactly 0.0, that is ZERO ice cream stands. I recommend you skip it.



Then we went back with friends Jan and Dave from Incline. This time we walked to Mali Ston via the 1 kilometer road, had a stellar lunch, and THEN walked back the other way across the great wall, thus completing our loop AND ending up in the bigger town of Ston, with its several bars and ice cream stands. Practice practice!!

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1 Response to Updated!! The Great Wall of Croatia- Ston

  1. bea says:

    Vanessa, you are so funny “No ice cream stands” I can’t believe you made it!!

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