Pula, Croatia

Visited Sept 14, 2014
Home of the 6th largest Roman coliseum in the world. We have seen 4: Rome, Tunisia, Arles, France and Pula, Croatia.


Pula is also home of this temple built in honor of Augustus Caesar.


We had our last evening with our dear friends, the Finches, who left from here to FINALLY go to the Dolomite, and fulfill a many years’ dream.


After they left, we did a little of the seldom seen “living the dream” activities, like wash clothes and schlep groceries a mile on foot through the non-picturesque parts of town. WE could have spent more time, but stayed only 2 days. Nice town.

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1 Response to Pula, Croatia

  1. bea says:

    Neal even looks Happy when bringing home the bacon!! Vanessa is a lucky lady!!

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