July 8, 2014
Our son Matt and Emma, who visited us in Corfu, are engaged!

We left Amante for a 3-day holiday to attend their engagement tea in Wetherby, a small town in Yorkshire.

What a wonderful way to wrap up the season, seeing the happy couple celebrated in her father’s home town. Emma’s parents, Robert and Liz hall are both from England, and kindly invited us to join them for this special occasion.

We visited days after the tour de France had passed through Yorkshire, so we were unable to find a room in Wetherby. We stayed in Harrogate, my next hometown, which was dressed in flowers and yellow bicycles for the tour. Upon the advice of our neighbor, a Yorkshire man, we visited Betty’s Tea Room and had another extravagant tea before we left.
The Calories! The Calories!

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1 Response to Engaged!

  1. Bea and Wayne says:

    Matt and Emma look so happy!!! So happy for them. Great pictures!!


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