Saint Remy de Provence

We stayed at Hotel Vallon de Valruges and Spa, nice but needs management help in the spa, and ate too much the first night at their former Michelin starred gastonomic restaurant (I swear we’re going to stop this soon).
Resolved to do better the next day we went into town to find a salad, only to find the restaurants stop serving at 2:30. We came in at 2:32. We found a Tea house and patisserie, Michel Marshall, who served us a salad and savory tart that far surpassed the dinner the night before.
Dessert pushed that way past the- I’m certain this is better- level.
After we drove in the nearby countryside to visit two wineries and bought some provisions for Amante. This area is covered with cyclists, and I wish we had bikes and the legs to pedal them! The landscape here is amazing, vineyards, iris gardens and narrow roads lines with Plane trees nestled up against Les Alpilles.

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  1. Bea says:

    need the recipes of everything you ate!! Looks Wonderful and the picturesque scenery is fantastic.

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