We’re back in Mallorca

We came back to Palma to get the boat ready to be shown for sale in the Palma boat show. We had some lookers, but no buyers, so we will continue to enjoy her until she sells.


We have been in Mallorca close to three weeks, and we test sail tomorrow. It seems like it has taken forever, but that is really pretty fast considering Amante was asleep all winter and she is a big girl to wake up. Plus the first week was the boat show, so we really couldn’t do much work, just pretty her up and try to make her look desirable. We had some interest, but the first guy bought an Oyster 66 and the tall German is still hem-hawing.

I guess on this fortuitous day, our first -meet a pickpocketer up close and personal- day I could get off my rump and start blogging. My niece Rachel arrived ten days ago in Barcelona and I flew over to meet her and introduce her to the old world. She was duly impressed. Then I got a sinus infection, then she got it, and I just lost interest in photos and blogging. I napped a lot. Neal is sniffling, but that didn’t stop the gypsy man from sticking his hand in Neal’s pocket this morning in the fist market. We were buying dinner on a beautiful, busy Friday fish market day, and I heard Neal yell at someone. This was enough to frighten me, as Neal doesn’t yell, but he was grabbing his wallet from a old fat man dressed like a Nantucket tourist, but for the gypsy face. I yelled, “thief!” and led the police to him, where he was picking another man’s pocket 45 seconds after Neal!!! He passed by (and probable handed off something stolen) to the poor, old, “AYUDAME” old woman who sits at every church foyer (on her cell phone when it is quiet). These beggars are thief rings, and a nuisance.

So the police lady ran him off, we took our fish and apples home and Rachel went to the beach. Pretty near perfect Palma day.

Test sail tomorrow and we have guests arriving! Let’s hope Neal stops sniffling.

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