Cavtat, Croatia

Visited Oct 12, 2014

Cavtat is the closest harbor to the Dubrovnik airport, and also is a fine anchorage (or two, really). Cavtat sits on a point, and two harbors flank this beautiful peninsula that features a pretty path all the way around.


On the side where we anchored on the wall, the Riva, or waterfront promenade, is lined with restaurants and cafes.


At the furthest inland part of the harbor, an area is buoyed off for the water polo team. What a terrible way to end the day it is to sit in a café having a glass of Malvasia watching the water polo team take a group shower with a water hose.


We took the bus (#10) from here to visit Dubrovnik. We only spent one day there and found that to be enough. We stayed in Cavtat another day and booked massages, jogged and enjoyed this small, and empty in October, town.
Cavtat is where we picked up our friends Dave and Jan for a few days of Amante time, and let them back off to join their bicycle trip from Venice to Montenegro! It is also the port to check out of Croatia, thus the EU, to go into Montenegro, thus out of the EU, for those avoiding paying VAT to the EU as well as to the US. The trick is that you have to be tied to the customs’ dock, the 50 meter part of the wall closest to the left as you enter, even if you are currently tied snug and secure 5 feet from the edge of this dock. Sigh.

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